Our History

March 1946 Mitani Corporation was established in Fukui with capital of 180 thousand yen, and began selling agricultural implements and commodities.
December 1948 With the lifting of wartime regulations, resumed selling cement.
September 1949 With the lifting of wartime regulations, resumed selling coal.
July 1952 Started selling oil-based products.
May 1959 Started selling LP gas.
May 1961 Started selling air conditioners.
August 1962 Founded Mitani Petroleum Selling Corp. (now Corporation Mitani, a consolidated subsidiary).
May 1963 Founded Mitani Fresh Concrete Corp. (now Teramae Fresh Concrete Corp., a consolidated subsidiary).
December 1963 Listed on Osaka Exchange, 2nd Section.
March 1966 Founded Alpus Petroleum Selling Corp. (now Mitani Shiga Corp., a consolidated subsidiary).
March 1969 Founded Fukui Joho Shori Center Corp. (now Mitani Computer Corp., a consolidated subsidiary).
January 1972 Founded Mitani Jusestukiki Corp. (now Clean Gas Fukui Corp., a consolidated subsidiary).
June 1973 Founded Mitani Optical Kogyo Corp. (now Heart Optics Corp., a consolidated subsidiary). Started selling eyeglasses.
August 1975 Completed construction of Mitani Building (Fukui Headquarters).
January 1977 Started selling petrochemical products.
December 1977 Started managing restaurant in Nanjo Service Area in Hokuriku Highway.
March 1982 Founded Electronic Device Department (now Information Systems Department).
September 1983 Founded Mitani Otica in San Paulo, Brazil. Started selling eyeglasses (sold in January 2007.)
October 1987 Acquired all shares in Spectron, an eyeglass retailer in the United States (sold all shares in December 1998.)
June 1990 Founded Tokyo Headquarters (started 2 headquarters organizations.).
March 1997 Acquired Fukui Propane Gas Corp. (now Clean Gas Fukui Corp., a consolidated subsidiary).
February 2000 Listed on Tokyo Exchange, 2nd Section.
March 2001 Acquired Kita Nihon Denshi Corp., a semiconductor manufacturer (liquidated in March 2010).
December 2005 Acquired Nihon Bisoh Corp., a company that manaufactures, sells and leases gondolas (now a consolidated subsidiary).
March 2006 Acquired Komatsu TriLink Ltd., a semiconductor trading company (now KTL Corp., sold in April 2016.)
November 2006 Acquired Ishikawa Life Create Corp., a nursing-care home for the aged (now Spring Life Corp., a consolidated subsidiary).
September 2007 Acquired Tsurumi Petroleum Corp., a gas-station management company (now a consolidated subsidiary).
June 2010 Started Offshore Wind Power business.(Accepted third-party allocation of shares from Wind Power Ibaraki Corp., making it a consolidated subsidiary; now operating with 7 working wind turbines.)
September 2010 Transferred Tokyo Office (Tokyo Headquarters, Tokyo Office, Energy Department) from Nihonbashi to Marunouchi.
December 2010 Accepted third-party allocation of shares from Wind Power Corp., an offshore wind-power generating company, making it a subsidiary (now operating with 8 working wind turbines.)
September 2013 Founded Mitani Singapore Holdings Pte. Ltd. in Singapore (now a consolidated subsidiary).
November 2013 Founded Dama Trading Pte. Ltd in Singapore (now a consolidated subsidiary) and acquired a company that produces and processes acrylic boards.
March 2014 Founded Mutsue Wind Power Corp (now a consolidated subsidiary with five working wind turbines).